How to Properly List Your Business for Better Search Results

The Importance of Local Listings and Directories

When it comes to getting your business noticed in your local market ranking higher on local search engines is a must. Many businesses make the mistake of just trying to rank high in search results for the products or services they provide and completely neglect their local search results. Failing to focus on getting your business ranked higher in local search results will have a negative impact on your business. Think about how you perform a search for a product or service. Chances are you take out your phone and type in what you are looking for and are provided a list of local businesses. This is how you want your business to be found as well.

By implementing a few key tips and suggestions you can easily boost your businesses local search results. This will not only get your business more attention but will drastically improve your profits and foot traffic to your local business. There are a number of ways you can easily incorporate local search engine optimization to boost your business’s online visibility to your direct local markets.

Why List Your Business in Local Online Search Directories?

With regards to utilizing nearby posting and online catalogs the key is consistency. Your neighborhood internet posting will be a profile that shows the name, address, telephone number, site, and different insights about the items or administrations your business supplies. The majority of these are allowed to list on and some permit you to pay an extra cost for uncommon components, yet these are frequently a bit much or important to your web crawler positioning.

The fundamental motivation behind why getting your business recorded on numerous online hunt registries is on the grounds that this is the manner by which clients are hunting down neighborhood administrations and items. Since all people have their cell phones good to go they will frequently start their pursuit to discover something that addresses their issues by searching for it on their telephones. You right away grow your achieve when your business is recorded on neighborhood look catalogs since you are putting your business before the client who are as of now in the market for your item or administrations. Clients are as of now effectively searching for what you bring to the table and by getting your business on these inquiry registries you are putting your business before clients who are prepared to purchase.

The postings you make will make your business more obvious on the web and will build your odds of nearby clients discovering your business. A significant number of the online catalogs will share information over the stages, the all the more posting you have the more unmistakable your business is. There are a few necessities your business needs to meet with a specific end goal to fit the bill for nearby professional resources. These include:

  • Your business must have a name.
  • Your business number must match the city location you are listing in. You cannot use a shared phone number, a toll-free number or a call tracking number.
  • Your business must have a physical address that is not a PO Box, shared address or virtual office.
  • Your business must do face to face interactions, which means you can list a virtual business in local listings.

If your business meets all these four requirements, then you can begin listing your business in local directories.

How to Properly List Your Business for Better Search Results:

When you are ready to list your business for local search results you need to ensure that you keep all the information consistent on all listings. Even the slightest variations can have a negative effect on your search results ranking. The name, address and phone number for your business needs to be entered exactly the same in all your listings, this is known as the NAP of your business listing. Triple check that you type everything exactly the same from the apostrophe placement to the actual name of your business, you may be thinking that altering your business name slightly, will get your business seen by more people but this will decrease your ranking in search results.

For example:

In the event that you have a photography business and you show it as “Your Name Photography” on one catalog, yet show it as “Your Name Portrait Photography” on another, these are ascertained as two separate organizations; your rankings will bring about two low positioning postings. On the off chance that rather you show them as the same correct name, then they are confirmed as one business and this expands your rankings. The higher you rank the sooner your business gets seen by potential clients or customers. Having two organizations that rank low will bring about even less perceivability. These copy posting can likewise bring about a lower positioning by and large, any copy posting you have for your business that don’t match ought to be erased or expelled from the indexes.

At whatever time something about your business changes with respect to the name, area or deliver you will need to stay up with the latest. This can be repetitive work however the endeavors will profoundly affect the quantity of clients these postings can acquire. Keep a spreadsheet on record that will make overhauling your business data much simpler when the time comes.

Some of the most popular online directories you should consider include:

  • Google+ Local
  • Yelp
  • Bing Places
  • Yellow Pages
  • Yahoo! Local

Boosting Your Local Search Engine Rankings with Online Directories

Simply listing your business on a number of online directories is only half the task. You want to ensure that your business is as close to the number one ranking position as possible, or at least shows up on the first page of results. To help boost your search engine rankings in online directories consider these key factors.

Choosing Categories

When you go to list your business in many of these online directories you will be given the option to choose categories for your business to be easily found in. You can typically choose from two to five categories, which will better describe what type of business you are running or products and services you provide. If you neglect to add categories for your business it will not show up in local search results, so this is an important step to complete. You want to make sure the categories you choose for your business are relevant to the type of services or products you are offering; if you list your business under a category that is irrelevant than this will decrease your rankings.


Reviews are one of the easiest ways to draw more attention to your business. A business that has a number of reviews attached to their local online listings is more likely to get viewed by new potential customers or clients than a listing that as no reviews. Reviews and ratings will be displayed differently on the various online directories, but you want to encourage you present or past clients and customer to leave a review for your business. While reviews and rating can increase your ranking on some directories it will not also make a significant impact on all of them. They will, however, have an impact over how many customer or potential clients contact you. A raving review or a couple of positive reviews can be all it takes for someone searching for the product or services you supply to push the call now button on their phones.

One thing you need to keep in mind when asking for customers and clients to leave a review for your business is that each directory will have different guidelines that you must follow to do so. Some have no restriction on asking customer and clients to leave reviews while other platforms, like Yelp, only allow for you to simply suggest they visit your business on their directory, not actually leave a review.

What to Know About Citations?

References are a frequently disregarded yet profoundly important segment to getting your business positioned higher on web crawlers like Bing and Google. The more references your business has over the internet the higher your business will rank. This is particularly vital on the off chance that you have a business that falls in a less focused industry, in the same way as other administration suppliers, where organizations are more averse to have their very own site. This is on account of without a site the web crawlers will depend on data discovered somewhere else on the web to rank that business.

References are principally says of your business name and address on different pages. This does not regularly incorporate a connection back to your site. The most widely recognized place your business can pick up references is through the yellow page registries, where your business is recorded yet no connection is incorporated back to your site page. Your nearby assembly of trade or business affiliation pages are likewise key places on the web where your business can have references. These references set up assurance and affirm that your business is a genuine business and you give the sorts of administrations you advance.

Citations are vital at validating your business in your community because most of the pages, like the chamber of commerce pages, you will not be able to fake a membership to. Having your business mentioned in online newspapers or blog is also a way to increase your citations. Citations can greatly improve your business local search engine rankings.

Additional Elements

Including photographs and short video clips related to your business can have an impact on your local search engine rankings. Photos and videos tend to lead to an increase of clicks your business gets. Photos and videos are also a great way to show your actual business location or storefront, products, and past projects. You can also introduce your team and staff members to searchers, which gives your business a friendly face and this can help you stand out from your competitors. Potential clients and customers are more likely to look through your business listing when it has photos over ones that do not. You want to make sure your photos and videos are of good quality. They should be crisp, clear, well lit, and colorful. If your video has sound you want to ensure the audio is of high quality as well.

It can also be a good idea to include a virtual tour of your location. If you have a restaurant or venue space that you offer customers to rent out for events like weddings this can be a great way to draw in more customers. You can give them a sneak peek of what it would be like for them to throw their next event at your location.

Final Considerations

Utilizing local online directories can significantly get your business noticed more and bring in more customers and clients. Listing your business through a variety of business directories is not only an effective way to market your business but it does not cost your business anything to be listed. The main factors to remember is to keep all the information related to your business consistent across all your listings. This not only improves your online ranking but it gives your potential customers more confidence in your business. When they get different information from varying directories about your business it can cause them to be confused about what it is that you are actually offering or that they are even the same business.

While this simple implementation can greatly improve your business online presence you will want to stay up to date with each directories policies and terms of use. Some directories offer special opportunities to promote your business on major search engines and this is something you will not want to miss out on. Whether you are just starting out or looking to grow and expand your business, directories and online listing can have some major impacts on your business. This can greatly get your business more attention over your competitors since many local businesses either fail to list their business online or have done so incorrectly. When you utilize these tips and suggestion for listing your business online you can get your business found by a wider audience and before your local competitors who are not implanting this simple marketing strategy.